Imperial Stone admitted in spa

Rated steam advantage

Before opening the door to the sauna Gintaras Dokšas warned that you will not see anything special: sauna is not covered with Jadeite - this stone is placed in a capsule. Well, there are only few saunas in the world with Jadeite.

Gintaras Dokšas is fond of sauna, therefore, he is experimenting with all the updates for the it. Someone suggested to use Jadeite instead of the usual stone.

Sauna stone Jadeite is valuable for its properties. According to its natural structure, Jadeite has analgesic, conjugate and depressant effects on inflammation.

The doctor is not surprised – you can never tell what Jadeite pulls from the body.

"After the bath I always feel better, recovering the body and soul. I appreciate the steam released from the stone. Jadeite releases the heat slowly, the steam is not so hot - nice. You are really sweating, but you never feel the heat "- compared the user.

Clean and warm water required

According to one of Jadeite distributors, Siauliai district timber company, project manager Vytautas Bružas, sauna stone is not an interior detail - it is generating and gives warmth to the environment. This is not just stones stacked properly, leaving gaps of air circulation. The quality of the sauna directly depends on the selected stone and its structure.

"Jadeite saunas are especially appreciated. Compared with ordinary stone, it absorbs less water. This means that the stone showered with water changes its temperature slowly and invisibly spreads it in sauna. In such sauna it is easier to breath, in addition, Jadeite suppresses the negative effects of the hot metal ", - said V. Bružas.

Water is poured over quite moderately - incomplete cup (100 -150 ml). Slowly poured water should be clean (without iron and other impurities) and warm. „For a good steam, water should be poured on hot stones properly. If the stone is not hot enough yet, emits wet, heavy steam ", - said V. Bružas.

Briefly about Jadeite

  • It is known only few places in the world where such a rare semi-precious mineral of non-vulcanic origin is found. The main suppliers of Jadeite are Burma and Russia.
  • Grayish – green Jadeite rocks contain a transparent green veins - the most valuable, precious jewelry. Jadeite mines, therefore, are not published and protected.
  • Searching for the expensive core, a huge lump is cut in small pieces. They are also valuable – stones are processed and used in baths and saunas.
  • Therapeutic power of Jadeite is revealed wearing Jadeite jewelry or making oriental massage with this stone.
  • Jadeite containis up to 100 times less heavy metals harmful to human health, which are found in normal stones used in saunas.
  • Energy released from this unique stone is healing many diseases. Therapeutic properties are enhanced in heated Jadeite. Stone showered with water spreads sweet smell of a clean environment, it becomes easier to breathe.