For Seasonal Disease Prevention IT Specialist Ramunas Rackauskas Provides Regular Sauna.

Sauna for R.Rackauskas – the best way to promote health and well being, as the body gets rid of all unnecessary elements while sweating. The most important is that the man relaxes, rests, gets rid of stress in sauna.

After he had built his own sauna, R.Rackauskas started looking for the sauna stones. He experimented a lot – gathered river and lake stones, tried volcanic origin stones, heated them, compared the steam differences and finally chose Jadeite.

"Stones in the sauna are one of the most important pieces in sauna equipment. It depends on the stone, how fast the sauna is heated and what will be the steam like"- explained R. Rackauskas.

The most relaxing spa procedure, according to R. Rackauskas - warm Jadeite stone massage.

Jadeite is a solid rock, highly conductive to heat, has not only positive effect on human, but also saves time and energy to warm the sauna – it warms faster with jadeite and the steam is ligth and nice. Therefore, one can enjoy the sauna much longer.

Otherwise, if the sauna is too damp, it is heavier to breath, after such sauna you may feel tired.