Semi-precious imperial „Jade“

Television and the press, particularly in the Russian media, have again increased information on magic mineral treating all diseases - Jadeite, its supernatural powers and effects on humans.


 It is indeed proved that „Jades“ (under this name were meant two minerals - Jadeite and nephritis, because it is very difficult to distinguish between them) were already known before the year 7000.
 In Mayan culture, this stone was called the "harmony of the ruler." It was considered that it prolongs the life of the host, makes it fruitful and provides mental transition to other worlds. Before 2000, the Chinese began to trim their cult objects: statuettes of the gods, mascots and symbols. In Central America Jadeite was of the gold value.

 The famous U.S. Directory "Melody" calls Jadeite happiness and protection amulet. Jadeite is also called "dreams" and "loyalty" stone, which contributes to the achievement of objectives within one‘s own dreams to solve problems, and open up the knowledge.

"Gurudo" dictionary states that „Jade“ strengthens the body and gives a long life, balances the astral body. Jadeite has positive effect to the heart, kidneys, liver, thyroid, spleen, strengthens the immune system, cleanses the blood cell levels, detoxifies the kidneys.

 German mineral therapists Sofia SIEŃKO argues that Jadeite cools, soothes, reduces any swelling, degrading blood pressure, strengthens the stomach. The famous astrologer Pavel Globa said that Jadeite is a magical stone, affecting the nature, as in ancient times it was believed that Jadeite helps to control the weather. The stone acts as a stabilizer, often used in medicine.

 What happens indeed? Europe and America have no argue that the minerals affect human body, emotions, mind and spirit, therefore, have an impact on the environment. This has been proven by studies in many countries.

 Mineral therapy has been reborn in the U.S. after forty years, and twenty years ago this topic was particularly actualized by German Michael Giengerls. He has founded the International Minerals Healing Properties Research organization. Nowadays scientists and doctors consult with the organizatio. It has become a world leader in therapeutic minerals. For Eastern countries there was no need to prove such minerals properties: they have never stopped to use them.